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Welcome to ViaExpress

Around here, we believe in bringing people together, regardless of geographic distance. Since 2011, we’ve been committed to offering an affordable, secure, and simple way for you to send money to loved ones around the world.

Our Mission

Building Paths, Fulfilling Dreams:

Our mission goes beyond money transfers. We want to be the path that connects families and friends, helping to build dreams and strengthen ties around the globe.

Global Presence, Swiss Roots

We were born in Switzerland, but our influence extends to more than 90 countries. We move more than 1 billion Swiss francs, carrying out more than 200,000 transactions per year. This expansion was only possible thanks to a multicultural team of over 100 money transfer experts.

Reliability in the Financial Sector

We have become the largest national “money transfer” in Switzerland, gaining respect and credibility in the financial sector. Our multi-channel network, which includes official agencies, independent agents, branches, digital channels and call centers, has solidified our position as a trusted choice for your transfers.

What our customers say about ViaExpress

At ViaExpress, we believe in the importance of our customers’ experiences. Here are some testimonials that reflect what they have to say about our services:

João P.
João P.@joao_ps
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"A ViaExpress fez com que minhas transferências internacionais fossem tão fáceis quanto enviar uma mensagem. A velocidade, a segurança e a simplicidade são incomparáveis."
Ana M
Ana M@aninha123
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"Confio na ViaExpress para todas as minhas transferências. A equipe é profissional, e a rapidez com que as transações são concluídas é notável."
Carlos R.
Carlos R.@carlos.ofc
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"O atendimento ao cliente da ViaExpress é excepcional. Sempre me sinto valorizado como cliente, e suas equipes estão prontas para ajudar."

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